Full Hookah Catering Services in San Francisco Bay Area

Wicked Mirage Hookah Lounge is a licensed caterer in Contra Costa County, serving Hookahs at parties and events. We can do anything from house parties to huge events! We have very affordable pricing, top quality tobaccos and hookahs, and exceptional customer service. Wicked Mirage combines its visionary art, boundless creativity, and zeal to provide you a hookah experience like no other. Our events and packages are put together with you in mind. We will set you up with everything you need making your event a memorable experience you soon won't forget!

We're also offering Hookah Rentals with no service. This means you can rent just the Hookahs from us and buy your own shisha and coals. Of course you will need someone to operate and serve the hookahs.

We only rent Single Hose Hookahs, no double ot tripple hose hookahs... sorry. Pricing on Single Hose Hookah rentals are only $27 per night, with a minimum of 5 Hookah rentals. $135 for 5 hookahs is a good addition for any party as long as you have someone who can operate the hookahs.

However, if you're having an event, and would like to add an extra flare to it, consider renting Hookahs with our hookah catering service. Please note although Wicked Mirage Hookah Lounge primarily offers hookah rentals within East Bay*.

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1 Hookah Chef1 Hookah Chef2 Hookah Chef
3 Hookahs5 Hookahs10 Hookahs
Choice of 3 flavorsChoice of 4 flavorsChoice of 6 flavors
2 hours of smoke time3 hours of smoke time5 hours of smoke time

* we are willing to do other nearby cities as well (applicable trip fees will apply).

Call 925-405-6641 to book your hookah catering service today or hit us up via the online form below

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